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Desc:Pastor Deacon Fred answers a question from a little girl, gets a little excited.
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:Jesus, intelligent design, religion, white people, subtle sexual intimidation
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Comment count is 18
Wow. What a mind job this guy is.
Casual Tea Party
He was both too excited in a seemingly perverted way, and also too intense in a hateful and condemning way.

It felt like some sort of third-party aural RAPE.

"You little hoochie and poop-chute." This is awesome.
Johnny Madhouse
This cannot be real.

Hey, let us dream man, let us dream.

Johnny Madhouse
Okay, phew. It's not.

I'm willing to bet there's preachers who think like this, they just don't advertise it.

It may not be real, but it is possibly the greatest thing I've seen this week. Well, it is only Sunday. If I see a rollerskating elephant this week that is not in a circus this will become the second greatest thing I saw this week. Great, now I want to start a band called "Ambulatory Pachyderm", not that roller skating is really being more "ambulatory" thank just walking around already is.

Johnny Madhouse
I'm willing to bet there are people who subscribe to every belief.

This is a fine parody and I laughed pretty hard, but it would be better to judge baptist ministers on the bigoted and absurd things they actually DO say, if you have a hate-on for ministers or something.
Johnny Madhouse
That was meant to be a reply.

Their filthy sex parts!
Well, it's a comedy routine and "is God watching me poop" isn't exactly a new joke.
It may not be original but the execution, timing and writing is wonderful. Funny stuff.

Jesus is everywhere. Jesus is everything. Jesus is everybody. Jesus is still the king.
You are mistaking him for Elvis.

I am slightly sad there was no Sue Ellen tag.
Caminante Nocturno
No, because he doesn't exist.
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