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Desc:Don't watch if you don't want to see Edarem crying.
Tags:Old People, creepy, sex offender, edarem, parol
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Hang tight, funnyman, you'll be out when you're 82.
What I want to know is WHY IS THERE NO MURDERER LIST? Even if I had kids, I think I'd be a BIT more concerned about whether or not Mr. Manslaughter is living next door, not updating his address, than some kiddie-fiddler who's kept clean for over two decades.
Don't people generally get executed/life imprisonment for murder?

I don't know. I'd usually just shrug my shoulders at this sort of thing but if he did it back in the 80s and hasn't done anything wrong since I actually feel like it's kind of wrong to send him to prison for five years over stupid Youtube videos.

Actually, I'll take that back if someone can find a way to put Fred Figglehorn in prison for five years over his stupid Youtube videos.

Midnight Man
murder has one of the lowest rates of recidivism, sex offending one of the highest.

I hope this didn't blow your mind too badly

Midnight Man
also manslaughter is not murder

Mr. Manslaughter is just his name.

I love poetv comments. these stars go out to maullove, freeman, and poorwill.

I dunno, I think someone named Mr. Manslaughter would be a pretty funny guy to have around.

The Faghorn
No, molestation's recidivism rate is pretty low too, retardo. But it's handy to pretend otherwise so there's 'justification' for leaving prisons in the state they're in.

I would like to see a source cited for the claim that pedophiles are rarely repeat offenders.

Spider Jerusalem

Kindly share with the class also the percentage of sex crimes against children committed by strangers versus the percentage of those committed by people known to the child.


Midnight Man
oh shit spider you caught me in my jackboots

Because people are more afraid of their children being molested than of being murdered.

split tail
this is so wrong. let that funny man go, you little power hungry turd!
Caminante Nocturno
This is exactly how I imagined the news report on edarem would look and sound like.
Shit just got real
I hate sex offenders, sure, but I hate Florida more.
Yeah I actually end up feeling bad for him. Prison will not treat him well.
Awwwwww so sad for you

Chris Chan, you're next.
La Loco
Chris isn't disturbing enough to be incarcerated.

It's not a crime to make a spectacle of yourself on the internet.

Whether it should be, the same way suicide is illegal, is another question.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm the camp that sees Chris Chan as a news story waiting to happen. I have no doubt he'll be hauled away, the question as to when requires more thought, possibly a betting pool. One year?

Chris is too clumsy and childish to do anything too bad. But here's the thing, knowing his habits of touching any woman that get's too close to him, that could easily send him to a court. If not that, some troll could actually use Chris for a serious crime, the autistic child-man is stupid enough to fell on any trap as long as there is china involved.

Freeman Gordon
A sad day for the internets
I love the reporter awkwardly holding the laptop to show the clip. What was the motivation behind that, to illustrate that it was from the Internet?

It reminded me of Chris-Chan's laziness when he records the screen of his computer with a camera rather than using a video screen capture program.
Syd Midnight
I don't feel like watching an old man cry today
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