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Desc:If you can make it through this whole thing, then you scare me.
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:Rap, granny, Everything is Terrible, EIT, what social security pays for
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Comment count is 17
The Mothership
Poor, poor Katie.
All the enthusiasm of a catacomb.
and the charm of a corpse.

Syd Midnight
and vice versa!

An ex-girlfriends mother was exactly like this woman until she became a raging alcoholic.
She is not a Cougar..more like a Saber-toothed cat....HEYOOO! I just threw up a lill in my mouth.
This is more like banjo rap ska, than just rap. Only Beck could pull this one off.
I had no problem at all sitting all the way through this. In fact, I was captivated in sheer awe.
I find myself cheering for the rappin' granny.
Maggot Brain
I just heard ansegment on NPR about Everything is Terrible. Apparently, they want your old VHS copy of Jerry Maguire.
the smell of mothballs was too overwhelming to make it to the end of this
Laugh all you want, but this crazy old lady used to be my crack dealer. One day I was about a week late paying up and she had these two mexicans break both my legs. And then? She made me listen to this song, live, for a week. I still don't remember how I managed to break out of that place, and every night I wake up screaming.
Yeah I breezed through this one, so fear me Smellvin!
You know what? When I'm 65 and retired I hope I can frolic and catch fire flies and swing over creeks and make videos that will one day be viciously mocked by internet nerds. So I say go forth and be old, rapping old lady from 1992, go!
dora's cough
she is dead now

Rodents of Unusual Size
She lives on in our hearts and Facebook accounts.

Wait, what's a so-and-so? WHAT'S A SO-AND-SO!?!?
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