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Desc:Chester Novell Turner's magnum opus, here at last.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Casio, bad movies, black people, evil video, tales from the quadead zone
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Goddamnit, Auth Error 3x3a. The rest of the film is on Youtube in chunks. Anyway, holy christ, Chester Novell Turner, you are amazing.
Dear God, was ICP behind this?

Yeah, like ICP could really be behind amythimg actually cool.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

There are many words to describe this film.

'Cool' isn't on the hot 100 list.

Are you KIDDING? THis movie is completely fucking awesome. It's the weird vision of most likely an insane person put on to film for all of us to enjoy. I'd rather watch this twice in a row than Transformers 2. It's entertaining as hell, and that's what movies are all about. Maybe it's not entertaining in QUITE the way the people making it intended, but then maybe it is. Who knows.

That's pretty cool in my book.

shit...Stanley if i could id take my stars back and give them to you pal, you nailed on the head what movies (good or bad) are suppose to do: ENTERTAIN. Its like when i saw Transmorphers, it was terrible, but in a way that just kept my eyes glued to the screen, unlike say something like transformers or final destination 3 both of which i walked out of when dragged to that shit by friends. Ironically they couldn't be bothered to see Transmorphers as it was "shitty looking" to them...yeah cause a bunch of nonsensical barely distinguishable parts on a bunch of robots surrounded by explosions and Megan fox's tits and that coked out jittery kid from Even Steven's...yeah that's not shitty looking at all...

I'm only 1:05 minutes in and I'm giving it 5 stars based on the awesome music.
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