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Desc:You guessed it... ear wax removal!
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:ear wax, inappropriate music, revolting, there goes my appetite
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Comment count is 8
pineapplejuicer - 2010-01-25
i did not watch the other one with the sound on. oh how much i've missed.
crote - 2010-01-25
I would go through four years of medical school, three years of residency, another three years of fellowship work, and invest hundreds of thousands of dollar and countless hours of studying in my education for the chance to do this every day for a living.
sparklefatty - 2010-01-26
You wouldn't be alone, either.

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2010-01-25
Architeuthis Tux - 2010-01-26
Mmmmm MMM! Strawberry jam with necrotic pussbutter.

The catharsis is palpable.
sosage - 2010-01-26
These just make me wish I had those tools so I could look inside my own ear.

Also. Did he just give up and glue the ear shut in the end?
kingarthur - 2010-01-26
4 things:

1. I should not be as fascinated by this as I am.

2. I need to clean my ears more often

3. Chet needs to enable the posting of reaction photos for just this sort of occasion.

4. Oh my God: cumshot!
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-01-26
It's like a chunk of a smoker's lung stuffed in someone's ear. D:
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