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pineapplejuicer - 2010-01-24

i hope whoever programmed the youtube doubler ends up fabulously wealthy

Camonk - 2010-01-24

That guy/gal is a fucking genius from the future.

ProfessorChaos - 2010-01-24

Hey! I didn't think it was possible to make a nickleback song MORE irritating!

MongoMcMichael - 2010-01-24

All that Nickelback is making it hard to hear the rooster. :(

Konversekid - 2010-01-24

30 seconds in I had muted the Nickelback video and just listened to the rooster.

freedoom - 2010-01-24

You know, i think this was just someone's sick way of trying to get us to listen to Nickleback. good job you fuck.

Pookles - 2010-01-24


Riskbreaker - 2010-01-24

I'm surprised the singer hasn't gone to record a jesus-music album like the guy from Creed. He looks like an even biggers jesus freak.

memedumpster - 2010-01-25

This is the only thing that could have made me laugh after watching the Liberia videos.

phalsebob - 2010-01-25

5 for the rooster, and a Bas Ruten Kick for that god awful Nickleback guy.

Gwago - 2010-01-25

Wow, that little guy has some lung capacity.

glendower - 2010-01-25

That rooster sounds better than nickelback, and he isn't even going through auto tune.

Adam O'Connell - 2010-01-25

Ok I've got to ask this. Recently every time I see Nickleback mentioned anywhere in a forum there's a huge dogpile about how many people hate them. As it appears I'm their only fan in all of existence, I have to ask - why all the hate?

Sure there a little chessey and the lead singer has some fairly deep daddy issues but quite a lot of their songs have a good beat and are pretty damn catchy. I think I have 5 of their albums and only one of them is out-and-out shit. There is without question hundreds more professional bands out there with worse songs, worse music, worse lyrics. So why is it every time Nickleback gets mentioned does everybody act like Chad Krugger raped their mother?

JSP - 2010-01-25

Nickelback commits the worst crime a band can: They are terminally boring. Every tiny bit of soul or character has been scrubbed clean from their songs at every step: the writing, the studio, the postproduction. I am unaware of the singer's daddy issues because their lyrics just sort of bounce off my head. There are worse bands out there, but it is possible to be an interesting failure; it is not possible to be interestingly boring, except as an artistic statement, which Nickelback is clearly not doing. I have no special hatred for them as that would be giving them too much credit, but every time Nickelback's music is played in any major venue - the radio, the television, whatever - there is the implied insult that anyone, anywhere, should forsake any of the billion billion things they could have paid attention to at that moment in order to notice the existence of Nickelback.

If that doesn't cut it for you, I offer this: it is perhaps a little telling that a person who readily admits to being a fan of theirs - having somehow acquired five of their albums - is also the kind of person who would write the phrase "Sure there a little chessey."

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