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Desc:Doughy guy jumps onto a rapidly moving treadmill, with predictable results.
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:fall, Treadmill, ouch my face, Dude you ok?
Submitted:Magical Man from Happy-Land
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Comment count is 13
Treadmill videos have been perpetually underrated on the internet.
They're still coming into their own, that's for sure.

Dude you ok tag doesn't apply. The video didn't go on to see the final result and the mirror image effect was deeply stupid.
James Woods
3 stars for the first half of the video, and 2 go to SixDigitDebt for his well placed use of the simple phrase 'deeply stupid'. I hurt myself laughing.

Treadmill videos are the meat and potatoes of poetv: boring and satisfying.
The Townleybomb
Treadmills are basically machines for the manufacture of comedy.
Jogging on the treadmill while consuming liquor has actually become quite a joyous pastime of mine. You'd be pleasantly surprised on how quickly you get drunk.

Maybe the next time I make up a gin and soda, I'll go ahead and set up a camera just in case anything You Tube worthy happens to pop up.
Menudo con queso
I read that as "gun and soda." Please, please, PLEASE run on a treadmill while consuming liquor and playing with firearms, and post video therefrom.

Therefrom?! THEREFROM?!



I wouldn't expect the people who filmed and uploaded this wonderful moment to understand how comedy works: shame and agony are things that should be witnessed and not left to the imagination. Why stop when things are just getting good?
Minus three stars for stupid replays.
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