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Desc:This is what happens when you drink too much.
Category:Pets & Animals, Educational
Tags:dog, Drunk, Kiss
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Drunk dog kisses French girl
It was funny for about twenty seconds, then it became a fascinating show of dedication on the dog's part, then it became kinda creepy when I noticed the cameraman was not even stifling a giggle.
This is what happens when you drink too much.

I break into your house and smear peanut butter all over your gums.

Heh heh heh.

Man that's some pretty disturbing heavy breathing.

James Woods
This went from really funny to kind of terrifying. Even the tiny dog gives me the creeps. "This is what happens when you drink to much" made me give up some laughs, but as the video went on and things got scarier I had to find some rational explanation that didn't involve the scary other places my imagination could go, so I came up with this: He's trying to convince her to stop drinking, but she won't listen to him so he filmed this to show to her (and maybe some friends) at a later date. It still makes me uncomfortable, but I can mostly stop thinking about it now.

it's perfect comedic timing. funny at first, then gets old, then picks up again two more times.
-when her cheek starts moving from the force of the licks.
-when the paw goes on the eye for more traction.

"I drank too much last night, my mouth tastes like Alpo"
Just imagine how this dog is going to feel about this tomorrow when he gets sober.
La Loco
Something tells me this isn't an isolated incident.
dora's cough
I hope she fucking murders her boyfriend after she sees this.
I'm absolutely captivated by this.
Johnny Madhouse
Favorited so I can horrify my friends later.
Boner Of Shame.
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