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Desc:Mommies share quality time while their 'daughters' play.
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:insanity, Dolls, carol channing, mommy, not my problem
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Comment count is 30
teenage mutant lisa turtle
not my problem
oh awesome
this makes me wish i were on drugs
wtf japan
This makes me wish I weren't.

big pincers
Rodents of Unusual Size
If David Lynch wrote a sitcom.
bakune young
'on the air' you dumb cunt

Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh yes, everyone has heard of that.

Yeah, "On The Air", the cute sitcom about a radio show that was not News Radio and that everyone loved way more than News Radio because it was so much better than News Radio back in whatever decade.

Through a few minutes of research,

I have determined bakune young to be a dipshit.

Casual Tea Party
Damn this was really good
Sean Robinson
Not my problem! (You get it? It was a line in the thing! Go back and watch it again if you missed it! You will laugh and laugh!)
Timothy A. Bear
Someone made a gorgeous thing.
This is my new favorite thing. Whatever was my favorite thing before now sucks.
these are channel102 people. is this a channel102 thing? I haven't been there in forever.

Jet Bin Fever
I recognized them from there too!

The Townleybomb
Half a Luna bar!
Maggot Brain
I kind of have to subtract one for doin' on rape to many but that line at 4: 28 just kills. Kudos to Bill Buckendorf, you earned that top credit.
This was completely unpredictably awesome.
If you ever get to see Julie Klausner at the New York UCB theater, do it. She will blow your mind.
My brain is melting.
what is this i don't
Yes. Yes I concur.

I want to play MovieCritic also!

(He's a pretty swell guy)
I agree.

I can't fuck a guy if I've seen him cry.

...Or if he's Asian.
this is precious
for some reason the line that got to me the most was "No signs of intelligent life!" The rest was good, too - a little something for everybody.
oh yes.
Is eating asses becoming a more common foreplay thing? Seems to be showing up a lot lately.
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