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Desc:About the only thing I remember from this movie.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:bruce vilanch, ron perlman, ice pirates, Robert Urich, Anjelica Huston
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Comment count is 11
what about the part where they turn into old guys and the black guy gets a giant afro?
This just proves that splatterbabble doesn't remember the most awesome parts of movies.

I said "about". I also remember Bruce Vilanch's globular head poorly taunting people.

Syd Midnight
You don't remember the Ball Chomper? Man you must have been taking a bathroom break when the Ball Chomper came out.

Or the robot with diarrhea that shits oil?

This movie is really terrible. I recommend you watch it if you enjoy torturing yourself for 90 minutes like I do. Actually I couldn't take all of it at once, I made it like an hour into the flick and had to turn it off because it was just too awful.
The Mothership
Ron Perlman had such an early connection to the 'Alien' franchise, I never pieced it together till now; the final scene earns all my stars and brings it full circle.
hahahaha....what the shit?
it's a shame this film is so forgettable as I'm sure it had potential to influence the sci fi film genre for decades after

5 stars for the scriptwriter including "my dead mother's stuffing"
Only Avatar fans don't like this film. To deny it is to affirm they're also Communists.
Fuck you all. This movie was a hundred times more watchable than Space Balls.
But not as quotable... Not to say there aren't good Ice Pirates quotes, but Spaceballs has more pull with theirs.

Now, let's all list our favorite Ice Pirates quotes:

"Why did you make him black?"

"I wanted him to be perfect!"

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