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Desc:Chiranjeevi sliding his horse under a truck was only one small part of the ridiculous
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:india, chase, Chiranjeevi, equestrian, action movie
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Comment count is 36
This makes Riki Oh look like a documentary on asian prisons.
Dinkin Flicka
This makes Michael Bay look like a dumbass. But I guess that's not why it's unique.

Holy crap, it makes even less sense in context.

Whatever. My Jeep has tons of radiator problems and not once have I gotten it to fly.
Christ this is a masterpiece.
Patient Property
alluda majaka
what a wonderful phrase
alluda majaka
ain't no passing craze
Thoughts I had while watching this:
This movie has many things to teach me about the laws of physics.
Why did that store have that many windows?
Why were those cars exploding?
Where can I see this movie?
where'd all those fucking ramps come from?

Casual Tea Party
Additional thoughts:

He intentionally slammed his crotch against a lamppost! 1:37

A lot of horses faceplanted in this movie 1:40, 1:46, 2:40

Why did everybody fall down? 4:23

Casual Tea Party
Oh and the music is great.

People please, 0:46 is everything you need to know about this video. He stopped a car with a FRIGGING STICK!

I was going to point out how this guy's so fucking tough he racks himself on a lamp post to bring down some horses. Notice the metallic clang at the moment of impact. Balls of steel.

I'll give one thousand dollars to anybody who can point out a single part of that that isn't amazing.

Dinkin Flicka
That music sounds like the India's answer to the music in Speed.

That entire marketplace segment totally needed a sitar-driven version of I Can't Turn You Loose playing.

Almost identical, Dinkin Flicka.

wow, was that five minutes?
Clearly, no animals were harmed in the making of this movie.

I can't see how that clip could have been made better. The ending was perfect.
Killer Joe
They hurt the fuck out of some animals.

Rodents of Unusual Size
The...the horses were okay, right? RIGHT??

also his balls are brakes
Banal Intercourse
These stars are for you, Pastor.

Man, those were some dedicated horses.
I thought it supposed to be *bulls* in a china shop.

India must not have an SPCA or PETA.
animals were injured making this film
People too for the looks of it.

So, were there only two types of car in India at the time? Jeeps and boxy sedans?
Not Jeeps, jeeplanes.

Hindustan Ambassadors. Locally-built version of an English car from the fifties. Still make them today.

Daddy Warcrimes
They broke my watch!
there are some no-joke holy shit awesome stunts in that sequence
Ferocious wild jeeps.
"Alluda Majaka" is Hindi for "Blues Brothers."
He was dragged by two horses for a pretty good distance and his shirt was fine. I need that shirt.
I felt so bad laughing at this, yet I laughed really, really hard.
(It was all those horses they must have ended up shooting, that shit was too much.)

The Mothership
An absolute gem.
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