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Desc:The zombie apocalypse can't come fast enough
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:vanilla ice, Simon Cowell, white people, x-factor, jedward
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Comment count is 13
I was sold in about 1.4 seconds.
What the Hell?

Also, anyone else glance at the title and read "Jew Tard?" I was really disappointed by what this really was. Down Syndrome Jewish people performing Bowie/Queen/Vanilla Ice would have been more amusing.
Is ervyedboy on petov mldily dxslieyc?

I guess what surprises me is the general level of proper spelling and punctuation around here, juxtaposed with the fact that nobody can read the titles properly. Jew tards would be wicked sweet, though.

Were these guys even born when "Ice Ice Baby" came out?

(answer: no)
That's actually Robert Van Winkle. Huh.

And so the torch was passed, the next embarrassingly white one hit wonders to enjoy a kitch fueled career receive their blessing from the older generation.

Perhaps in 20 years Jedward will have their song covered by Blanket Jackson.

Will the circle be unbroken? By and by Lord, by and by.
I yield the floor to youtube commenter Sunshine8503:

"Its funny that people take the time to watch a video of people they hate. Looks to me that they are the real losers. these boys will be laughing all the way to the bank while people here will be trolling youtube"

Pack it up, everybody. We're just making asses out of ourselves now.
Every time you click on a Youtube video, the artist gets 0.

Jedward always puts me in mind of a partially-divided amoeba with ideas about fucking itself.
Goethe and ernie
I can't wait to see these guys in the Hobbit.
I voted for these guys when they were in X-FACTOR. Fuck the people who take that shit seriously.

I hope they make a billion bucks and forever annoy the dickheads of the general public.
You watched x-factor?

My wife watches it unfortunately. I pretend to watch along while secretly perving on Dannii

Man, I didn't know that Queen had done a song that was such a blatant ripoff of Vanilla Ice. Must have been right before Freddie Mercury died?

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