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Category:Video Games
Tags:fallout, Las Vegas, F:NV
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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I demand a six-string Samurai Katana/Guitar.
All you need is Ron Perlman uttering that one phrase and you have my money.

"Poker. Poker never changes..."

eight bajillion stars for fallout 3 technology with fallout 2 development team. joygasm.
I'm glad you guys are as excited about Fallout 3 as I am.
I havn't heard about this yet. Is this more DLC or it's own game?

It's a whole, new game that, supposedly, is using most of the engine for FO3, probably with very few changes. The dev team, however, consists of many of the people who worked on the first two original Fallout games as Black Isle.

Ooh you just made me giddy!

and it's out this fall!

...supposedly. considering obsidian's alpha protocol has been in limbo since missing its release date 5 months ago.

but here's hopin'!

Well, there goes .
And about 100+ hours, if you search every slot machine.

Hmm... I wonder if the slots will have been adapted to work on caps, or if there will finally be a use for pre-war money?

I wish pre-war money had been worth something to certain factions in Fallout 3 (the Enclave, Tenpenny Towers, etc.) so there was a reason for picking it up other than as ammo for the rock-it launcher.

Pre-War money stacks are worth ~10 each, are weightless, and there are several hundred in the game. It's a second currency, basically - it certainly has a use.

I, personally, just covered my bed in it. I dropped about 250 on my bed, and then surrounded my bed in about 300 empty whisky bottles. Then, I threw a grenade and froze the game.

I kept a crap ton of pre-war money and purified water in my safe. It felt very survivey.

I am so there. SO THERE.
I'm only getting this if they include my neighborhood.
Oh yeah... and I can nuke my local DMV.

hopefully this will be the fallout fallout 3 should have been. I reserve my stars till I play the actual game but it's hard not to get excited about this.
Me -> :D
If Bethesda keeps putting out Fallout games and never ships another Elder Scrolls then I will not be heartbroken.
This isn't Bethesda, actually, and I couldn't be happier about it. Fallout 1 and 2 had charm and wit, Fallout 3 just had grit and unnecessary restrictions (strictly linear solution paths, invincible characters, etc).

Fallout 3 took itself far too seriously, and I can only hope that the development team of New Vegas won't make that same mistake.

Also, this is kinda minor, but all of the Vault Boy drawings in Fallout 3 that weren't recycled from the previous games looked like shit. Brian Menze, who did Fallout 2's Vault Boy drawings, will be coming back for New Vegas. This makes me happy.

the level and enviornment design in fallout 3 was by far the best i've ever seen in a pc rpg. as much as i enjoy mass effect 2 when i see the fucking retarded levels that look like my 2 year olds playroom after he's been through his toys i start to doze off reminiscing about the good times i had in the fo3 wasteland. bethesda might not make the best games but you have to admit that they keep getting better with every iteration.

FO3 was a billion times more playable, regardless of whatever perceived flaws and/or restrictions from 1 and 2. It had more focus and, most importantly, no artificial time restrictions on the main storyline. I would also argue it was way more fun to play and reached a massive audience that would have never been reached if the game had resembled the originals (and, no, I'm not just referring to the graphics)
With that in mind, I seriously doubt this game will in any way resemble 1 and 2. It might have some semblance of writing or style that is more in tune with the original Fallouts, but I'm sure Obsidian, however many people Black Isle people are left, realize that part of FO3s enormous success was that it wasn't much like the first two, thus I seriously doubt they're going to tinker with the formula much or alter the gameplay in any substantial way beyond maybe adding a bit more role playing and choices. Bethesda's A-teams might be working on FO4, but there's no way they're just handing over this title to Obsidian carte blanche.

I'm just hoping for more charm and wit, is all I'm saying.

Comeuppance, F1 had invincible NPC's. Try to kill the vault overseer or The Master before he's done with his opening soliloquy, if you doubt me.

Linear solutions? Again, after you find the water chip, try to refuse the overseers demand that you go out alone & fight the supermutant threat.

Fallout 1&2 had all the same flaws that are endemic to all CPRGs.

BTW, if you want to understand what Bethesda did with F3, read "The Road".

I agree wholeheartedly with Comeuppance on the charm and wit aspect. F3 was so completely lacking in this regard. Also, the voice acting and dialogue was crap.

As for catering to the F3 audience - it doesn't matter, they'll sell now no matter what they put out. So put out a Fallout in the vein of F2 please.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Someone give that poor bastard robot a shovel.
Caminante Nocturno
It's about time they used a Sinatra song in one of these games.
Post-nuclear WALL-E.
WALL-E is already post-apoc

But it's not post-Nuclear.

I'm looking forward to this as well. Maybe with a pre-built engine, Obsidian will be able to make a competent game out of the gate. MAYBE!
Albuquerque Halsey
That was cool.

The song I want for F4 is Link Wray's 'Rumble'

Anyone else wondering why Vegas seems to have full power?
The Hoover Dam is pretty much unstoppable. There was some History Channel show that estimated that it would keep running for a long, long while after people stopped maintaining it in a scenario like this. Now, whether or not people would keep maintaining the lights is another question entirely...

Yeah, I saw the same show. It sounds like the only way to break the dam would be to actually set off a nuke *inside* the thing.

I think I'm already sold. Was that the New California Republic flag at the end?

(Also, Point Lookout aside, I'd really like a Fallout game set in the Deep South, building off the obvious "ghouls as second class citizens" metaphor. A re-resurgent Atlanta built on the back of ghoul labor with a decadent and bigoted human upper class, etc.)
Fallout 3 Point Lookout is this, and it's great. It's set in a resort town/amusement park in Georgia. There's "swamp folk", which are horribly mutated hillbillies that come in three flavors.

Download it, it's worth the fee.

Er Point Lookout's not exactly as you described, but I think The Pitt has the second-class citizen workers. I haven't played it though.

I'd like a fallout where I play as a super mutant and just stomp around skullfucking people.

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