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Desc:I hate it when he buys the drinks
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Tom Kenny, Shakes The Clown, LaWanda Page
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Comment count is 21
I unashamedly LOVE this movie!
Oh, and that's Martin Charles Warner, not Milton Berle.

Are you sure..? I am going to look into it after I sleep this hangover off then then work on another after this silly American Football game.

Tom Kenny looks/acts a lot like Quentin Tarantino here...

Two things I know: 1) I've never seen this movie 2) I'm a fucking idiot because I've never seen this movie.
If I am wrong don't sue me.. I think its a watch now on Netflix. My foster family was a bunch of rodeo clowns.. so don't hold that against me.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahaha. Never before have I found clowns so funny. Well... other than the Walmart ones, maybe.

too right you are

I've never seen this movie.

Bobcat Goldthwait is Shakes the Clown.

Shakes the Clown: Hey, hey, kid, what are you doing?
Kid: I had to go to the bathroom.
Shakes the Clown: On my head?
Kid: Hey this is my bathroom not your bedroom you big drunken mess.

I need to see this movie.
That exchange is from the first few minutes of the movie.

REM did a song about this character. From New Adventures in Hi Fi.
Psst.. the dolphins are in the jacuzzi
Will you excuse me for a moment please?

It's a great black comedy, but it sort of falls apart at the happyish ending, which feels really studio-driven.

Up til then, though, it's gold.
Corman's Inferno
Generally letting Bobcat Goldthwait wear the writer/director hat yields movies which are, at the very least, interesting. World's Greatest Dad actually sounds pretty good, despite the Robin Williams factor.

I always saw it more as an "Earn Your Happy Ending" sort of ending than anything forced on Bobcat.

I also thank this movie for introducing me to Too Much Joy.

Why havent I seen this?
Clowns I can believe in.
Every professional clown I've ever talked to---admittedly, only two or three at the most---got really, really pissed off when I brought up this movie.
I have only ever met one clown in my adult life. A christian clown. He was a dick
I guess that's not a very interesting story.

Great movie.

"I got that peanut butter pussy,"
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