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Desc:Also on commemorative coins, a turkey bagel, and a duck caught in an airplane turbine.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:obama, grandma, bagel, Lonnie, DatsWhatImSayin
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Comment count is 8
He should produce POV porn.
Finally a reason to not watch a porno on mute. In fact someone should just dub this over a porno.

Yeah, but a dub wouldn't be quite as magical.

"Yew wan puddit WAY-uh? Naw I hur ERRthang. LAWD!"

(though I admit that his dog-lick-the-plate soliloquy in this one would be pretty much perfect as a dubover)

oh my god that is the best idea in the fucking world

the dog licking scene was what I was thinking to

The Mothership
We need to get CNN covering Lonnie covering CNN.
The Townleybomb
If my name was Chelsea, I would let them call me McBush.

These videos never fail to make me thankful that youtube was invented. And that I don't live with or near Lonnie.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Sumbuhdy think I'm trashy and you know that ain't right.
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