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Desc:Are you going to burn in hell on earth with the pinkboys?
Tags:MTV, Subgenius, slack, ivan stang, J R bob dobbs
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 12
The Townleybomb
Yeah, let's see the giant spaghetti monster get MTV to pay them to make a commercial.

+1 for adolescent nostalgia. That should really probably be assumed for half of my ratings, but just so you know.
A commercial for the Church of the Subgenius is wildly appropriate.
Syd Midnight
Even if you can't stand the Subgenii, you should check out the lectures Stang gives at non-Subgenius events. He tells great stories.
Eternal Salivation
Honest Abe
fuck you nerds
This is more targeted towards nerds than made by nerds, I think. Nah, I'm kidding, this is indefensibly nerdy.

The Mothership
Fuck your suspended ass.

Still a more coherent worldview than Scientology, with the added bonus of knowing it's a joke.
I-it's a joke??

Timothy A. Bear
SA, 1980.
Spike Jonez
I went to Hell, but I didn't get triple my money back. :(
Which Hell? Read the fine print; some of them (Buddhist hell, Agnostic hell, Hell's Angels' Hell) technically count as salvation.

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