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Desc:'these were always run during cartoon blocks for some odd reason'
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:canada, PSA, construction, buried alive
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Caminante Nocturno
I am ASTAR, a robot. I can safely sleep in pits surrounded by loose soil. You can't. So play safe.
As a kid, I found that PSA extremely unsettling. However, that reaction had nothing to do with the idea of dismemberment, but rather had to do with the weird, hell world that ASTAR lived in.

Ha ha ha, thanks for reminding me of that bizarre commercial. I don't know what happened in my childhood but even at the age of 7 I was enraged by that commercial, "This is stupid! Who lives in a world like this? This is so unsafe! Why the Hell would they build a robot to leap through all this?"

Ah, the good old days when both workers and management shared the responsibility for making working conditions safe for everyone.
Hay Belly
Like the guy in the end getting a little feel.
This is far less traumatizing than the anti-reckless driving/anti-speeding ads the Province used to run after school

"broken bodies and destroyed families weeping and screaming in hospital rooms" seems to have been the dominant motif
Syd Midnight
I'm guessing that regulations force TV stations to play X amount of educational material on Saturday morning, so to fill up time the local stations dip into the PSA box so you get a lot of scary safety and anti-drug ads while only kids are watching.
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