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Desc:Time lapse video of the Feb. 5-6 snowfall in Washington, D.C.
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:snow, time lapse
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Comment count is 17
nice what is that under a foot you pussies?
Lauritz Melchior
That's awesome.

Why doesn't the path collect snow? I can't imagine that, when there's that much around, any material short of a salt-slide would remain snow free.

Also, the tree bowing at the beginning was great.
In Cleveland they salt the shit out of every surface someone might walk on, ever. Every spring they replace all of the grass that was within about a foot of the sidewalks, since it has been salted to death.

Fuck living where it snows. Seriously. Snow lives up in the mountains.

James Woods
Salt would not dissolve that much snow. Not included in this time lapse video for seemingly obvious reasons - people shoveling.

James Woods
wait...holy what? I just watched that again. I dunno man. No one shoveled that. If salt is the explanation, that is to much salt. In Ottawa we salt sidewalks, but for grip, not to melt snow, we shovel it. That is going to ruin your soil. Good thing this doesn't happen often.

I can give the answer since I live here.

It's because you don't actually see the path. Because we got about twice as much snow a few days earlier.

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that the path you folks are talking about is actually a wall.

its from all the commuter ghosts who continue to walk the same path day after day, for all eternity

They don't pave their paths with normal bricks. Those are salt bricks.

Robin Kestrel
It's a wall; a brick retaining wall right behind the chair. I think we are looking at a sunken back-yard patio.

that sure is a lot of snow
it is a pretty video

The Mothership
When it melts the teddy bear is gone.
very cool and all, but does the cameraperson cheat at the end by lowering down the camera to make it look like more snow building up?
Nobody stomp your feet too hard or the cake will fall.
Caminante Nocturno
Poor Mr. Bear.
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