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Desc:The Grim Reaper battles a doctor over the life of an old woman
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Short Films
Tags:Doctor, Reaper, cerberus poodle
Submitted:Daddy Warcrimes
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Comment count is 8
Im going back to that childish instinct to never trust doctors.
I'm putting "do not fuck with Death" on my living will.
They're doing a bang-up job updating all those med-school training videos for the new generation.
suicide is adorable
Quick, get these talented kids out of Granada before our Marines have to shoot up the place again.

Also five ghooOOoost stars for the adorable cerberus.
So...is she in Limbo, now? I am deeply concerned.
She's out of the doctor's (presumably) STD ridden hands, so limbo is a small victory.

Jesus, you idiots. Limbo is only for unbaptized babies. Purgatory is where she is now.

I... I think? Honestly, the "idiots" thing was just to shatter your confidence so you wouldn't question me.

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