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Desc:Retarded blatherings from the people who decide elections! Big Bang disproven within, supposedly.
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:dinosaurs, kent hovind, Creationist, Big Bang, Garden of Eden
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Comment count is 5
Baby Finster - 2006-12-03
"Well, if I can't understand it, it MUST be wrong!"
Dummy Rum - 2007-01-21
3:04 - the Illuminati make their ungodly appearance.
ChocFullOfFunk - 2007-06-10
It's almost reached the point where "Evolution" is one of those meaningless words, like "freedom" or "terrorism" -- it basically gets used to mean (a) physical determinism; (b) cosmology; (c) abiogenesis; (d) nihilism; (e) Nazism; (f) Rikki Lake. Shudder...
bac - 2008-05-13
Thats the worst Camera Shutter sound I've ever heard.
kwash - 2009-10-11
In the spirit of exploration, and with little regard for my personal safety/mental wellbeing, I decided to give this video an endurance trial.

I made it to 20:32 before I bit my own tongue off.

Seriously, if you watch 5 minutes of this just watch that part. It's about about cosmic evolution, and Kent Hovind just lies, and lies, and lies.

At 23:29, he mocks thought exercises.

At 23:50, he says the devil created the big bang theory. I rewinded the video 6 times, because I thought my brain was lying to me.

At 25:00, he implies that learning from textbooks is for elitist science nerds.

27:25, he says that he doesn't understand how mass and gravity work.

The thought that he has a PHD and taught for 14 years sends me reeling.

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