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Desc:Why did I take this path?
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:bioware, mass effect 2, Shepard, Garrus
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Comment count is 12
What's wrong with her eyes?
Unless you cure your scars then your personality affects how evil or normal you look.

And you took this path because, god damn it, this is a sci-fi adventure. You HAVE to fuck an alien.

And I got made fun of for liking Tali?

Also: I have yet to see a female Turian. Where are the female turians? Or the female krogan, or salarian!
Wrex explained the female Krogan thing. Apparently, they just hang out on their home planets having crazy Krogan sex ALL THE TIME trying to get preggers.

Mannikin Hand!
Wait you can... you can bang Garrus? I... had kinda wondered, to be honest.

I just never wondered enough to find out.
does he wear that space suit all the time?
Yes, sadly. The only reason I seduced him was because I wanted to see what turians looked like under their armor.

I am not ashamed for this link (because it's SFW and official):


Keep in mind that for this scene his normal armour has just been swapped out for generic turian clothing model #1. But I'm wondering why he didn't take off his eyepiece though. Augmented reality sexual guides?

oh baby.

Iron Xides
These were not the words I wanted to see when browsing PoETV.

... stars for that.
chaos owl
punch black faces
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