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Desc:The New Hampshire republican breaks it down for you in her first single.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:techno, remix, anal sex, nancy elliott
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Comment count is 14
This is a terrible edit
Rectum? Nearly killed 'im!
I couldn't help it.

needs improvement
Is someone being this ignorant shocking for New Hampshire? Granted, I live on the Gulf Coast and stepping two feet outside of New Orleans around here gets you this kind of talk without asking for it.

Just, you know, wondering how the blue states live. I hear its nice.
wtf japan
I think New Hampshire is actually a long-lost relative of the Southeast states. It's the only state in the Northeast that accepts an Alabama gun license.

yes, im from nh (she's my rep) and if you go to the Nashua telegraph.com you'll see how pissed NH is.


http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/news/606137-196/legislator-nash ua-fifth-graders-taught-gay-sex.html#disqus_thread

Helena Handbasket
I can't give this more stars (sorry heyitslozeau the original is better), but.. uh.. yeah New Hampshire is its own weird little world up here. The southeast and is generally pretty liberal but the middle and north of the state get way conservative. College towns voted overwhelmingly for Obama but small towns generally went to McCain. Also, we have Libertarians.

Four stars for the guy biting into the chocolate heart. The rest of it could use a little help.
What what?


There is no reason this shouldn't have been an autotune R&B re-edit
Original AND well-executed. Yup.
original video clip in the hopper, far more evil.
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