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Desc:For the second film, they didn't raise the bar so much as drown it in a river.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Terror Toons, Joe Castro, Bulging Prosthetic Eyes, Dumbtastic
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Comment count is 17
Influence Device TIMR
is there such a word as dumbtastic?

five stars.
There is now!

Man, this is porno quality production and acting. I kept expecting the kids to leave and the adults to fuck.
Probably not as good as Evil Toons
And yet, probably still better than the upcoming 'Nightmare on Elm Street' remake.

Big Muddy
There will be a sequel. No ounce of silicone will be spared.

I also want to .gif the hell out of this.

Eroticus E
Harvester 2?
Alexander Until
Binro the Heretic
Those aren't 'toons.

I was expecting "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" but with death and mutilation.

Dumbtastic could very easily be a linked tag.
Done, someone get on linking it.

It has all the quality of one of those "you're in the movie" bluescreen booths at the fair. Only they sold it to... someone? Wow.
this is what would happen if you tried to make a feature-length movie from that Twilight Zone movie sequence about the kid who could wish anything into existence and lived in a cartoon house with imprisoned "family members"
Syd Midnight
Hey, I recognize the sound effects CD they used instead of foley! I had to listen to that one ricochet noise for hours as part of a project and now I can spot it anywhere.
Spit Spingola
I was a little disappointed by the lack of animated cartoon but the godawful piece of shit factor won me over.
Just who was the target demographic on this one?! Too much violence for children, and too shitty to entertain anyone but a child.
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