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Desc:Charlie White made a cartoon about stupid girls.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Charlie White, white people, why the terrorists hate us, the mall
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James Woods
This is awesome. I would watch this every week.
Ugh, too much reality based, annoying for me.

the other two in the related videos are sublime.
The other two really need to be watched for context.

Shanghai Tippytap
i like that they cant seem to operate independently, and need affirmation to do anything and feel good about it. or maybe im looking too deeply into omg bff lol.

I kept expecting Quinn and the Fashion Club to show up.
Syd Midnight
I was gonna say, it's like someone edited "Daria" down to just the Fashion Club scenes. So I guess this is like the rich girl version of Beavis & Butthead.

Innocent Bystander
really surprised at how mad that made me.
Suddenly, the collapse of Western civilization doesn't seem so bad.
Urge to kill... rising...
I'm packing my uzi and taking a cab to the closest mcdonalds right now.

Caminante Nocturno
This went on for three minutes.

That somehow seemed a lot longer than 3 minutes to me, too. I can't decide if that makes it 2 stars or 5. Maybe I should text my BFF for advice.

Three minutes and no transformations?! WHAT IS THIS SHIIIIII

The bit about "por favor" was fantastic.
Influence Device TIMR
I can't judge this, but I think it makes me angry
I have to agree with them about the shopping is hard stuff. I generally half-ass whatever shopping I have to do.
Unless it's for video games amirite?

No, I half-ass that as well.

Dr. Lobotomy
So it's Totally Spies without the fetish of the week stuff?
William Burns
Charlie White.
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