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Desc:Quick, get his shoes!
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Educational
Tags:Ouch, Fence, faceplant, dude you okay
Submitted:Alexander Until
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Comment count is 24
Influence Device TIMR
this is, by far, the best video you've ever submitted to this site.

one star.
Influence Device TIMR
reminder: vote like me please

Like this?

Are you alright, bro?

Influence Device TIMR
minus one star for being called bro

Wait didn't alex give us the Predator dance video? 5 stars for Alexander, 0 for TIMR.

Urkel Forever
This from the guy who one stars his own videos.


Influence Device TIMR
in a display of near-simian incompetence, not one of you has managed to vote correctly, and so nobody gets the Secret Prize.

We get it, you don't like Alex.

Influence Device TIMR
lol yeah man.

you really are awful.

A solid face vs earth video.

"give him some space, take his shoes" is an agreeable surprise. Nothing that warrants favoriting or repeated viewing. FOUR STARS
Four stars but for different reasons. I prefer videos where the other people are utterly unconcerned about whoever got hurt. These people seem to care about the guy and that's boring.

Syd Midnight
-1 for no slo mo

It should be pointed out his friends didn't care enough to stop him from doing something utterly stupid.

Goethe and ernie
Minus one for lack of blood on snow
Magical Man from Happy-Land
-1 for no slo mo, come on people this place used to have standards
Influence Device TIMR
I defy you to back that statement up

dude shut up already, we get it

and stop drinking

Perhaps he was just trying to moonsault the snow?
You're thinkin small time. He was trying to moonsault the PLANET.

-1 for no slo mo
-1 for friends actually being concerned
+7 for above comment alone

Mission accomplished then I guess.

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