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Desc:Nine, ten, never sleep again...
Tags:too hot for 73q, katie12231, paramore
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Comment count is 23
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Flubber.
peekaboo, I'ma hump you.
Caminante Nocturno
Now I know what she reminds me of.

She reminds me of the moblins from Legend of Zelda.

Fetal alcohol syndrome and the Innsmouth Look.

Meatsack Jones
I was thinking either MRDD or FAS. That is not normal, genetically.

Or maybe a Martense from The Lurking Fear

Beauty AND talent! That kid's gonna go places!
The Mothership
Needs 'katie12231' tag.
What the fuck is up with your youtube channel? Who the hell is rob burch?
Meatsack Jones
Rob Burch is a pedo that was featured prominently on "To Catch a Predator". As for having his own channel, who knows?

Her channel is filled with things that should be on his channel. The implications are implicatifying.

Aw,I think her channel got hacked. That's not cool. I don't know how to feel about Katie, to be honest. On one hand, she's cartoonishly repulsive, and I just want to think up what monster she looks like most. (Totally feeling the moblin vibe, btw.) On the other hand, I just feel bad for her. The internet is no place for you, Katie. Go lose some weight and... Well shit I don't know. Try not to hate yourself? God how depressing.

HP Lovesauce
Where's your god now?
She's not Hastur? The rest of the cult is going to be SO disappointed.

umm....did you guys all get an invite to see this? :(
Caminante Nocturno
I think it finally dawned on her how people react to her face.

Meatsack Jones

More horror.
C'mon guys, she's beautiful on the inside?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Eeeegads I'd rather watch that doctor fish maggots out of a guy's nose than endure this . And, Rod Burch, WTF?!

This lady does to my sex drive what earthquakes do to Haiti.
Fuck it up, Pigface
La Loco
Someone should let her know that her camera is on and that these are being posted on the internet.
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