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Desc:self explanatory
Category:Humor, Pets & Animals
Tags:dog, PSA, marijuana
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10 minutes of HIM
Comment count is 16
You'll be straight in a few hours, dog. Quit being such a pussy.
I'm going to take him to the chill tent and give him some B12 and some orange slices and straighten him out a bit.

This is what happens when you raise your dog to believe propaganda. Lindsey took it pretty well though, considering the mutt just ate her weed.
Koda Maja
When does the dog start telling her to kill people?
next time make sure your dogs eat just the right amount of weed
Tuan Jim
Chaos reigns, man.

Dog just chill out! We'll put on some Sealab and order a pizza.
Talking Dog is a lightweight. Just offscreen, Talking Hamster is tweaked on enough meth to kill a Guinea Pig, and he's not complaining. He's been running on his exercise wheel continuously for the past nine hours, but he hasn't complained.
Syd Midnight
The only pet I ever had break into my stash was a parakeet, because it saw the seeds in the bag. Goddamn do budgies like hemp seeds.
I want to witness a stoned parakeet.

Boomer The Dog
-1 star for giving her Dog the silent treatment.
Frank Rizzo
"hello? 911? we ate pot brownies and I think we're dead I really do...my wife is on the ground and shes not moving. Please hurry..."

dogs cant get high eating weed and deer eat weed alllll the time damn time.
I always thought it would be funny if someone went to the hospital because they thought they took too much weed.
This is fake, but it still gets 5 stars because I was convinced it wasn't.
I too thought this was actual footage of a dog telling his owner he was afraid he ate too much weed

Johnny Madhouse
What tipped you off?
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