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Desc:Come here, i'm gonna give you a french kiss.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:dog, anger, chihuahua, Dogegory
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Comment count is 27
El caos reinará!
The Townleybomb
And if I stuck that thing in a bag and drowned it, I'D be the one to go to jail!
It's a chihuahua. Just step on it.

The wolf genome expresses its most comical form.
she shouldn't be encouraging that kind of behaviour.
Albuquerque Halsey
He thinks he's people!

Yeah, gonna need an old priest and a young priest for this.
James Woods
Ooh, a piece of candy.

Reminds me of the hordes of feral chihuahua stories.
1000% stars for the tim and eric reference
keep it down you're gonna get me one-starred

nevermind i guess the fags had other reasons to one star it

Influence Device TIMR
yeah, your general fucking shittiness wasn't even a factor.

Who the hell are you? You're nobody!

Influence Device TIMR
I'm a multimillionaire.

With a speedboat.

The question was "who are you", not "what do you posess". Common mistake (for worthless people).

Influence Device TIMR
one star because the preview image gives me the fear.

one star.
Are you a masochist? Because I can almost hear you masturbating over the reactions you are getting.

Influence Device TIMR
actually I am - for example, I like needleplay!

how about you?

you are the second or third worst poster here TIMR

Influence Device TIMR
pretty sure I already said you were the third worst poster.

I have a list.

No, but i'm sure you think you did.

You really are worthless, though. In all seriousness.

Influence Device TIMR
No you're wrong I'm pretty fantastic.

No, you're worthless.

Influence Device TIMR
wrong-o, I am greatest!

one star.

The only thing you should cuddle a chihuahua with is a shotgun.
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