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Desc:You have the charisma of a damp rag.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:belgian, insult, Nigel Farage, Herman van Rompuy
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Comment count is 9
Youtube comments... *shudder*...
This one told me everything I need to know about everything involved in this video:
"Finally a politician that speaks the truth! Nigel is Europe's Ron Paul. His party has my vote."

Frank Rizzo
damn son!
"Out of order" is a phrase that has swept by europe completely.
Wow, I'm pretty sure this man could make me cry with the power of words alone.
Tuan Jim
5 stars for the scattered applause when he calls Belgium a "non-country".
Hes right, though. Belgium has never gotten its shit together.

Miserable Fat Belgian Bastard!
I guess the thing that passes by this guys thought train is the fact that democracy is what actually allows him to spit his carefully prepared bile. A-class asshole. I want to strangle him and I'm not even Belgian.
Not saying Europe is gold, but living here sure isn't bad. I'd take any boring politician over this spoiled populist idiot.
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