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Desc:Electricity vs. Nature: FIGHT!
Category:Short Films, Horror
Tags:SCIENCE!, what hell sounds like, wails of the dying, Demon Ghost of Nikola Tesla
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Comment count is 29
Time Travel Mishap
Wails of the dying or very tiny Mexicans having a party.
unknown rebel
Mice in a microwave.

My flatus when I'm on the toilet in a crowded restroom... Especially the big plop at the end.

Along those same lines, this sound needs to be dubbed in over a moneyshot scene in porn.

Syd Midnight
Sounds like what a really good orgasm feels like

Caminante Nocturno
That must have been a phenominal gust of wind that blew that branch off the tree, blew all the leaves and twigs off the branch, and then blew what was left higher than the tree itself onto the power line. Luckily someone was there to capture it on video.
Well, I doubt they could throw it up there that perfectly. It's normal for trees to be bare like that sometimes, and it could have been a dying tree...either way I don't care it was damn cool.

Looks like a dead branch that fell off a tree.

Why isn't this kind of thing done in amphitheaters? People would line up for weeks to see it live.
At the end you see the Demon Ghost of Tesla coming out to look upon the guilty.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Now imagine if that were a person up there.
unknown rebel
What's smell? Oh! Mittens, you are a silly cat.

BARTHOLOMEW! I just don't understand cats.

Jet Bin Fever
Why would a branch falling on power lines make pod-racing sounds?
Robin Kestrel
The moisture/sap in the branch superheating and escaping as steam.

And pod racing colors!

thats so wizard

Wicked cool!
Saw a patio umbrella fly into some powerlines last summer, it did that classic electrical fireball explosion, then all the metal ribs in it melted free and rained down onto the cars in the parking lot while the fabric blew along its merry way. Oh how I wish I randomly had a camera running just then
Sounds fun.

Blue Electric Monster Flame 5stars
that is very satisfying
Was that last arc actually the last water vapor conducting through the air above the branch? It's like even the ghost of the branch was electrocuted!
He's a German kid. One of his other videos clearly shows the stick being tossed up there.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh, you want to play, stick? We'll see about that!
Electricity does NOT fuck around.

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