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Desc:Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Xbox Live community.
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:Xbox Live, Probably white people, XBL, !2 year olds
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Comment count is 11
If I had that guy's job I would never stop eating pills.
Jack Dalton
The fact that this became such a spectacle is astonishing. It really is. 3 stars the internet.

So is Playstation Network as bad as XBL? I would imagine it is, but XBL is the one that you always hear bad things about.
Having played Uncharted 2 online just recently and having played a shitload of CS and TFC in the past on the PC? It's the same everywhere you go.

Any FPS, whether it's on XBL, PSN or PC, is exactly like this.

video wouldn't work for me, but at least i got to read the dumbbutt opening annotations
well its only a pwn on account of the vid being cut off before that lil douche replied.
This happens in over half the sessions on XBL. I am guaranteed to receive harassing comments if I speak at all (female).

Two stars for showing non-XBL users what it's like on there.
This is why you only play with people on your friends list. This is also why the world hates your children. Please beat them more.
The Faghorn
That kid doesn't know how fucking or grandmothers work.
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