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Desc:Hey, is that a popular thing women and children like? Let's make a musical out of it!
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:Musical, broadway, shrek, Of course theres a musical
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Comment count is 18
This is all theater people, no matter how much they go on about Sondheim.
Dignity? What's that?
The donkey's grin at the end. What the hell, Tony Awards.
Why is the donkey black? I mean why is he ostentatiously black and not wearing say... a donkey mask?
I personally think that it's because the role of Donkey has to sound like Eddie Murphy and if you have a white guy doing an Eddie Murphy impression you're going to have some really angry people. Also, no matter how expressive the creepy Donkey mask would have been, it's not going to be as easy to read as a human face, and since this is for Kids as much as for Adults the "Mind-searingly Creepy" elements seem to be kept to a fairly low level, in part due to the lack of a mask on Donkey.

They don't put him in makeup to make it obvious that he's black. They got one black guy and they're damn hell gonna get some play out of him.

BIlly Mays Here
So a series that was originally created as a thinly-veiled mockery/attack on Disney and Michael Eisner that was created by former Disney employees is now as inane as the very thing they were mocking? 5 stars for evil, I guess.
Works better if you assume that the intent was always to license toys to Burger King.

they even look like like the burger king man.

If the American musical isn't dead already, here's yet another sign it's entering it's death throes.
It died 50 years ago, at this point we're just raping the corpse.

Macho Nacho
I like how fabulous Lord Farquaad is.
seriously, why is Farquaad Paul Lynde? I like how they took a fairly funny bit from a OK movie and stretched it more than a porn stars pussy into a unbearable musical number.

Well, it's no LOTR musical.
This makes the musical adaptations of the Disney films bearable.
The guy who plays Shrek seems to have made it his life's mission to deliver each line in the worst way possible. Perhaps someone could have corrected him, but no one bothered because being in a Shrek musical means you have officially given up.
This makes me appreciate Into the Woods a whole lot more.
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