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Desc:Super Dave-esque.
Category:Crime, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:canada, Drunk, PSA, crime stick, car accident
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Comment count is 11
Which one of you was this? I want 00.
Influence Device has been acting very suspiciously. There is nothing more suspicious than hating a dog that says "I wrov roouh".

James Woods
I live in this city! It wasn't me...
Whatever you do, don't call 233-TITS. They don't care about solving crime.
Except the crime in my pants.

funky theme music

Did they solve the case?
Is that a 00 Canadian? I don't know if I want to give up my precious crime stopping information for just 5 'Merican.
Driving with a pedestrian on your hood and then leaving him for dead is not a very canadian thing to do.
"He left the hotel by a rear door, and walked oot onto Gilmore Street."
Let that be a lesson to all drunken Canadians: If you're intoxicated, don't walk oot onto Gilmore Street.
But rest assured, if I have any information aboot this, or any other serious crime in the capital area, I will get the information right oot to you, Sarge.
MacGyver Style Bomb
One of the local stations in my town also did these back then. The only one I really remember was the recreation of a violent stabbing. I don't even think they had a description of the suspect or any sort of real details, so the whole reenactment consisted of a man dressed like a saboteur in one of those old war films who smashes into the victim's living room, stabs him about a dozen times, and runs off.

Now I just wonder how I managed to remember so much of that...
It had to be an American tourist.
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