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Desc:Christian puppets!
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:puppets, stone, Everything is Terrible
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BIlly Mays Here
I'm just a stone
Yes I'm only a stone
And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill

He says he's just a stone, but if he's the stone used in David and Goliath... he's a killer. A cold hearted killer.
I'd like to see someone use that in court.
"It wasn't me, the bullet did it!"

You could even say he's a "stone-cold" killer!!

Syd Midnight
God willing, someday Grandpa Wisely will throw him at a homosexual.

Serious question here. If a white dude uses a white puppet, is that racist? I'm gonna say yes, and call it blackfist.
From context I understand what you were trying to say, so alright!

I have a cold and I'm all fuzzy. Black puppet, of course.

Jeff Fries
That word you just invented, I don't think means what you think it means

unknown rebel
It helps to illustrate the point about pedigree. Christians are obsessed with race and descent, but even if you're black you can be a good man.

Back then "giant" just meant someone who was over 5'4".

That guy

Next they should do the Dream of the Rood with puppets.
Rodents of Unusual Size
If God made this thing, God is woefully out of touch with today's youth.
Caminante Nocturno

You see kids, God loves us all and you're not supposed to kill because God said so, but if God personally makes an exception and says you're the guy who's going to kill another guy, then you're just supposed to do it because it's God will, and if that doesn't make sense to you then that means you need to pray to God until you have the faith to where A. it does make sense or B. it doesn't have to make sense as long as you obey.

Spastic Avenger
This song is such a bathetic dirge that it sounds like the universe is gradually winding down.
Seriously, you've got the story of David and Goliath told from the point of the view of the rock and it's boring as shit? Goddammit, evangelicals!
Are you suggesting the story told from the point of view of David's hot pants?

Killer Joe
But, what was His use for Goliath?
Goliath's rotting corpse caused a flower to grow?

Somebody's gotta draw the short straw.

David had to go over Goliath so the people would accept him as their leader. Goliath was basically a boss fight.

unknown rebel
Where as the only other singing anthropomorphic stone just sat and waited for the world to end.
God's wisdom is so great that he can use the tiniest stone to kill a man! He could use you that way too kids.

Praise Jesus.
I was a fat kid...he would have needed a big damn slingshot.

Yeah, I like Transformers and all, but they never should have let "Rock Lords" go to series like this.
Wait, why is the black kid calling the white guy grandpa?
Why didn't Johnny Cash cover this!?
Big Muddy
Crippets layin sum science on ya dome like davy wit dat stone!
Ol' punk-ass Goliath got knocked the fuck out by Jezus power!
That guy
I deem these comments a communal work of genius.
That guy
Just like the Bible is, amirite?

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