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Desc:As a culture, they've outgrown shame.
Category:Stunts, Crime
Tags:perverts, panties, WTF Japan, poetv needs a wtf japan category
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Comment count is 14
I don't see anything "wtf" about this, they just want to take her best angle.
"Low angurra"

a flaming monkey
I don't even know what they're trying to photograph there--the frayed edges of her denim shorts from an ant's eye view?
Jet Bin Fever
There are a billion of these videos circulating I'm sure and this isn't a particularly good example to be honest.
This is what you get when you have a significant gender imbalance in your culture. The pervy dudes lose there shame cause they figure "Well, it's actually scientifically impossible for me to get laid without committing a crime. So fuck polite society, panty shots on car models, let the world watch!" Watch for it from China real soon and Korea once their shame-accusing old folks die out in the next decade.

Fuck, I've been in Asia too long.
So they want to see her pussy -- so what?
I was recently in Japan and there a bunch of Japanese girls were doing some kind of cultural dance with skimpy clothes. There was a huge circle around them of only men with cameras either taking videos or pictures. I walked behind the entire circle for the sole purpose to see the lcd viewers and everyone I saw was zoomed in on the breasts and vagina, but mostly the vagina. Like extreme close-up. This was in a shopping mall.

No shame at all.
Syd Midnight
They're not staring, they're using a machine to stare at her body for them so they can masturbate to it in privacy at a later date. Much more polite.

It's like some kind of weird masturbatory rape...seriously Japan, what the fuck.

Yeah, i mean, men watching the breasts of a woman? What is this world coming to?

They're just checking the radiator for cracks.
Goethe and ernie
Five stars for disturbingly muted displays of public perversion, minus two for RocketBlender's extraneous apostrophe.
This makes me angry.
She'll never go out with you.

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