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Desc:My heart.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:kitty, biology, adorable, Serval, babbling
Submitted:Johnny Madhouse
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Comment count is 10
Frank Rizzo
shit even the blanket is cute.

what a wobbly head
Fun Serval facts:
They can live to 20ish in captivity.
They enjoy playing in water.
I want one so badly.
Fully grown they measure at around 3 feet, not counting the tail.
Look at how cute it is.
After watching several videos, fact 3 now applies to me, as well.

I too enjoy playing in water.

Leave out fact 4 and it might apply to the girl, too.

Even baby talk cant ruin the cuteness.
It sounds like she's saying your name through half the video, ooga.

Background noise:
Eager and jealous dog.
Syd Midnight
Now I can't stop hearing the poor circling dog

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