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Desc:After 113 souls escape from hell, the Devil sends a dead cop to bring them back.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:90s, fox, Cops, devil, hell
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Comment count is 9
This show was badass! Deserved a lot more love than it got.

I mean Peter Horton as an undead cop from hell hunting other scum from hell by shooting them in the eyes thus sending them back, let alone John Glover as Satan, what more could you want!?
Goddamn it I was going to submit this. I've only caught a couple of episodes but what I saw seemed pretty neat.
John Glover was fantastic in this.
Caminante Nocturno
This looks like something I would've been interested in watching, only to pop in an anime tape instead.
A lot of stuff fell apart, particularly the bad action choreography and special effects.

But man. John Glover was the awesomest Satan ever. Plus he had to shoot or stab all the demons in the eyes.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This was one of a few shows in the 90s that died but really deserved more seasons. The guy who simultaneously played the Devil and God was a genius.
I really liked this show but i always wondered what happened when he caught all 113. would the show just end? would more just escape?
Someone should edit this with the priest on the other side of the confessional frantically dialing 911, so they can take this mental case away.

"You died and went to hell, you say... You stab them WHERE?"
I just remember an episode where the fat angel accidentally blows up Gary Coleman.
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