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Desc:Everyone's favorite vampire LARP got it's own tv series, only without the fatties.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Vampires, 90s week, Vampire the Masquerade, Kindred the Embraced, White Wolf
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Comment count is 14
Oh god.

Thank god this got canceled.
While terrible at least Forever Knight was kinda fun trash, were as this is just what happens when t.v. writers get way the fuck into playing masquerade.

I'm kinda surprised Erik King and Kelly Rutherford are in this, as their pretty decent actors, then again actors gotta eat I suppose.

to think, the only thing that derailed this show was motorcycle
That motorcycle is EVERYWHERE in the 90's.

That motorcycle had WORK.

Look, I was a total queerbones as a teenager, and even I thought Vampire was stupid.
Family: The Hugged
Relations, the squeezed

The DudeBros: Punched it, Exploded it.

I never saw this show. When people would tell me I should watch it because it was good, I would nod, agree, and still refuse to watch it.
It really was quite bad, and is yet another thing to come from the age-spotted hand of Aaron Spelling.

Spike Jonez
People would tell me to watch this because it was good, I would nod, make a non-committal noise, and my esteem for them would drop a few points. I was way superior to them because I enjoyed shows like Sliders, Highlander and Time Trax. Obviously.

All three of those shows are better than Kindred the Embraced.

Being slowly torn apart by radioactive star moles is better than Kindred the Embraced.

Word round the campfire is the Vampire: The Requiem film rights have been purchased...
That particular IP was grabbed a long time ago. So far no one has tried to make a movie/tv series from it. I hope that no one ever does.

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