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Desc:Frank Black sees what the criminals see.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:90s, fox, wait, Lance Henriksen, FBI
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Comment count is 10
this never got the support from Fox that it deserved
An odd complaint for a show that saw three seasons.

Binro the Heretic
Yeah, it got WAY FUCKING MORE support than it deserved.

Seriously, this show was like boredom manifested itself in human form then went to your home with a truckload of photos from its trip to Branson.

They had a special crossover with the X-Files, if you need to see the very last episode.

This is just my feeling: the three seasons of this don't flow together as well as they should.

The show started off well -- people going crazy and doing horrible things, but not because of aliens or liver fluke men or ghosts or demons or shadowy conspiracies. Then the show went whole hog into "the devil's loose on earth" mode, and of course the Millennium Group turned out to be made of shadowy conspiracy.

That said, see if you can somehow view the episode "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me": four demons sitting in a donut shop, discussing their attempts to corrupt mortal souls. Besides being highly entertaining, the episode rips on "X-Files", "Ally McBeal", and Fox in general.

Yes, that was the best episode. It stands by itself, and all you need to know about the rest of the show is that Frank can see the demons.

Aubrey McFate
Created by Chris Carter

who cares?
casting Lance Henriksen for this: 5
I can't see anyone else playing Frank.

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