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Desc:90's week continues on with what I guess passed for 'too cool for school' back in the day.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:nickelodeon, Snick, roundhouse, Empty V
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Comment count is 11
How embarrassing, always flipped the channel when this piece of shit came on. I always figured everyone else thought its was the weakest link in the otherwise awesome SNICK lineup.
My mind apparently deleted this show. After having seen it on friend's old VHS tapes, I still don't remember ever having watched it, but relatives swear I did.

Having seen those old VHS tapes, I can see why I chose to just blank that series of memories from my head.
Wow, this did not hold up well at all. I thought this show was great when I was a kid, it's a shame to learn that I was Horribly Horribly WRONG.
me too :(

2:23 Terrible show, sweet chair. That was pretty much my memory about this show going into this video clip, and that's my memory coming out.

my mom had a crush on ivan dudinski

god this is terrible.

there was an episode where the father in the chair had a flashback to when he was a child and his father forced him to sit on the toilet to warm it up for him. he was crying and an offscreen voice was booming WARM IT UP BOY
As badly as this makes me want to smash my computer screen in a berserker rage for remembering having willingly watched this show, I still have to admit that the motorized recliner is pretty badass.
I was definitely in the camp that hated this show. Then again, I never liked Ren & Stimpy either so what do I know?
al k duh
five stars for slap bass in the theme song.
astropod five
"think like a rebel think,
drink the rebel drink,
laugh at the rebel joke,
and smoke the rebel dope"
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Community college drama class with a budget.
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