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Desc:You heard me.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:diver, national geographic, sewer, mexico city
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William Burns
Best title on poetv. The video's good, too.

Needs a "Horrors of the Deep" tag.
Carlos and the River of Dreams.
This looks like something Werner Herzog should narrate.
LUKE: There's something alive in here!

HAN: That's your imagination.

LUKE: Something just moves past my leg! Look! Did you see that?

HAN: What?

LUKE: Help!

Suddenly Luke is yanked under the garbage.

Also, this needs a "They do jobs americans don't want to do" tag.
Paging Mike Rowe...

I know he's done sewer gigs before, but daaaamn.
unknown rebel
So if you need a dump do you do it inside or outside of the suit?
This is not unique to Mexico City. Every city with a large sewer system has sewer divers for clearing out blockages. This is one of the highest paying blue collar jobs in the world or so I'm told by my diver instructor. Some things aren't worth the money.
According to a washington post article, the salary is like 3500 to 4000 a month... so... no.

Unquestionably earned these 5 gags.

When every Mexican flushes a toilet, they say a prayer for Carlos
I hope he got his shots.
Ewwwww what would happen if you barfed in your helmet?
You'd learn a lesson about barfing in your helmet while on the job.

Wow, being an accountant in Mexico City must be AWFUL.
These are yours. It took me 10 minutes to figure it out.

Not really that different than the surface of Mexico City.
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