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Desc:Glenn Beck with the history that your socialist public education seems to have left out.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:FDR, history, glenn beck, Joe McCarthy
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Comment count is 24
Which is more dangerous, citing Orwell so often that his work loses all meaning, or being so conscious that it's a clich that you never cite it?
Better yet, apparently not being aware that Orwell was a committed socialist.

To me this was just a random string of English words and black and white images.

"Roosevelt depression communistic 30's era great Truman spy war forties ally censured Europe nazi congressional outed USSR today."

This reminds me why i don't look at Beck clips on poetv or anywhere. Thanks be to allah I live in South America...
3 decades after the turn of the century the entire world was in an industrial upheaval. So things like "domestic communism" and "soviet/nazi influence" are meaningless and just a lot of finger-pointing for things that just happened (and in this Glenn Beck barf session) still thinks is happening.
Syd Midnight
One decade after the turn of the century FOX News viewers were dumb as shit.

England prevails.
I hate Glenn Beck and should probably one star this because I'm sick of hearing anything out of his mouth. However, I seem to have a subtle masochistic streak that longs to be verbally abused by assholes like this on the right.

Oh god, I feel dirty.
but enough about you

beck to base, under attack by commie-nazis
Timothy A. Bear
Followed soon after by THE DARKNESS.
I have never heard of this FDR fellow, so I accept Glen Beck's words as truth.

Also: America...
I want to punch him so hard in the balls that the shockwave goes back in time and aborts his grandfather.

Evil. Five.
As far as I remember the first group of people to get purged after Hitler rose to power were the commies.

Also five stars for McCarthyism.
A while back, he was getting all blubbery about how hard his life was with alcoholism and depression, and I felt started to feel sorry for him. Then he starts this shit again, and I can feel ok again wanting him to die in a fire.
Syd Midnight
I liked it when he got sick and was in the hospital and was blubbering about how bad US medical care is and how vulnerable and empathetic he felt as a victim of the system. But then he got better so the problem went away.

What do you do when history doesn't support your views? Rewrite it!
That's some amazing rewriting of history going on right there. My jaw is on the floor.
Don't think it ends with Beck.


This is the prophet with itching ears we deserve, sadly.
Maybe he has ear-mites.

The soviets and nazis were tremendous allies in world war 2! Thanks beck!
Rodents of Unusual Size
Thanks, Ministry of Truth...I mean Glenn.
Are there any economics smarty pants types who can break this down for me? The conventional wisdom is that FDR helped us out of the depression. I don't listen to Beck, but there is some university economic study out there that conservatives love to site claiming that FDR's policies prolonged the depression. What's the academic consensus on this?
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