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Desc:Conan and one of his writers look at horrible studio apartments for comedy.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Conan OBrien, New York City, andy blitz, studio apartments
Submitted:K. Brass
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Now, we need to show that PoeTV is impartial and post funny clips from the Leno show.
Perhaps from the alternate universe where Leno is funny?

1600 in new york, holy fuck! And who knew Jessica Simpson did real estate tours?
You can get a 3 bed for around 0. The trick is the quality. At 0, that three bed will have piss poor maintenance, 'bedroom' is more like 'closet' and psycho neighbors. You'll also probably have a shared kitchen area and bathroom with other apartments on the floor. If you can live with those things, you can live there on cheap rent.

Utilities will kill you, however, as will other cost of living things.

he should have a sketch show not a dumb interview show
I have good news and bad news

Michael Houser
Conan's enormity makes shitty small apartments even shittier and smaller.
Caminante Nocturno
I can see myself using and enjoying a Kitchenshower.
This makes the more recent gay associate producer apartment hunt look week and unfunny.
Spit Spingola
I want a kitchen shower.
Unless you are single and live alone, you don't want one. Though it will make soaking your dishes easier.

My favorite part is how the real estate agent was getting more and more pissed off towards the end of the sketch. Why the fuck would you agree to show the host of a comedy show around if you weren't going to have a sense of humor about it?
Because real estate people are vile

They feed on her hate.

Also, this makes my recent seattle apartment hunt seem much more reasonable.
His mini-tirade at the line "This apartment is more spacious..." had me rolling.

Conan does not suffer the indignities of real estate lightly.

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