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Desc:Curiosity killed the cat.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:comedy, sad, glasses, vacation, sketch
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Comment count is 9
This made the water I was drinking go up my nose. :(
I think the "wait for it" tag should be implemented.
There's a moral here somewhere.
Binro the Heretic
Took me totally by surprise.
This is too avant garde. Any philosophers of art want to explain to my addled brain?
Why are people five starring a video with a punchline that doesn't make any sense?
Binro the Heretic
Because it DOES make sense.

Some people can be disoriented and/or nauseated by wearing prescription glasses made for someone else.

You got me, guys.

See also, 'Brownie Gun': http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=68889
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