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Desc:I... it... uh, why?
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Christopher Walken, willy wonka, jack nicholson, Chocolate Factory, brandon hardestry
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Comment count is 14
this fat, fat kid is pretty good.
This was fine. Nothing special, nothing terrible. I accept you, video.
wtf japan
And it is with this faint praise that I damn you to the pits of video hell.

was 3 stars until the end

i'm in a vendetta kind of mood
His Nicholson is vastly superior to his Walken. Stars for effort.
I think he slipped a little Albert Brooks into the Nicholson.

Walken is always good, even when he is a chubby kid.
Willy Wonka using F-bombs, 5 stars
Wow. Those are uncommon celebrity impersonations.
(PS I was totally being sarcastic)

James Woods
How did this finally make it out. Don't get me wrong, he's usually very good, but this blows. He's all over the place, I really have to try to match the personalities up. No good.
James Woods
After viewing this again, I conclude that my initial assessment was week. He's doing a good job, but I don't know. Something's not working for me. ** Two more stars I guess.

i hate this guys fat face and the concept of this video but damn thats a good impression
Awesome, brah. Now do Robert De Niro and Ronald Reagan, cuz that's going to be off the fuckin' hook!
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