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Desc:I humbly introduce the phrase 'austistic rape lair' to your vocabulary. Skip to 11:45.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:autism, hans moleman, History Channel, american pickers, you could not pay me to go down there
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What the hell is with that room that is walled off with 6,000 2x4s? That truly seems like the killers lair from a thriller novel. And... just... no, humans don't live like that dude. It's like seeing the secret origins of The Moleman from Fantastic 4. He's going to one day have a secret army that he controls that will rise from under that hill and attack the nearest city.
"There are some specialized Whiz collectors"

I could love this show.
this is a great show. and i'm not one to go around asserting that people need to watch this or that. this show and steven segal: lawman are the only new things i watch on a regular basis.

i am really sorry you have to watch two freaking ads to see this but i knew it belonged here the instant i saw it on television and this video apparently doesnt exist anywhere else on the internet

"i brought the schoolhouse home on a flatbed truck in the night"
Son of Slam
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