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Candlejackv616 - 2010-03-17

Hmmm pretty much what i figured the game mechanics would be like for the most part, still sounds like its an ok game...I just wouldn't pay close to 60 bucks for it.

I can't wait for him to review FF13.

oogaBooga - 2010-03-17

Spot on.

StanleyPain - 2010-03-17

When I stop to actually think about it, I'm pretty depressed that Quantic decided to shelve Omikron 2 to go this interactive movie bullshit route.

Riskbreaker - 2010-03-17

So, it's basically Shenmue meets Saw?

fluffy - 2010-03-18

Pretty much. Somehow I still like it a lot, even though I liked neither of those things.

fluffy - 2013-01-19

Addendum, a couple years later: I actually liked this game a lot until the fucking ass-pull at the end which reveals the identity of THE KILLER.

Sanest Man Alive - 2014-03-23

Yeah, I kinda lost all reason to finish this game exactly after the Big Stupid Reveal of the killer.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2010-03-17

It's amazing how they've basically re-invented CD-ROM games of yore that had live-action video clips replacing actual gameplay, except now it's engine-rendered quicktime events and cutscenes.

Doctor Arcane - 2010-03-18

I blame Final Fantasy.

KnowFuture - 2010-03-17

OK, I am finally sick of that scratching out the normal "E" and replacing it with the CA-RAYZY "E" at the beginning of these things. Was it even funny the first time somebody did that?

FABIO - 2010-03-17


Comrade Admiral - 2010-03-17

It's that screechy laugh that makes me want to kill

Comeuppance - 2010-03-18

The Escapist is the painfully unpleasant host we must tolerate so that we can be around his hot wife.

Subfuscious - 2010-03-17

Shampoo-drinkingly awful.

CharlesSmith - 2010-03-18

Fuck you're telling me there's a set killer? So basically I have to go buy it now before 4chan burns the name of the killer into the moon with a laser.

Raggamuffin - 2010-03-18

It was the shifty eyed castrated dog.

ProfessorChaos - 2010-03-18

Hmm... I need a really big laser....

Pillager - 2010-03-18


zatojones - 2010-03-18

I've never played this game, but the short videos I've watched of people playing it were actually really interesting, so I have to respectfully disagree with him here.

Nikon - 2010-03-20

There are some very interesting parts in the story that make me want to get the game to play it through to completion. I poked fun at the game earlier but I do have a lot of respect for it.

yeahjim - 2010-03-18

The nice thing about this studio is that they can actually string together a plot that's worth paying attention to.

RockBolt - 2010-03-18

Then I am guessing you never played Baron von Teapot's Fucking Ludicrous Adventure, I mean Indigo Prophecy

zerobackup - 2010-03-19

I played Indigo Prophecy for about 2 hours until I got stuck in a library and couldn't get the plot to move forward. After about 30 minutes of trying to interact with every book on the shelves and every square inch of wall hoping for a secret door, I check several online walkthroughs and they all said "then just move on to the next part" so either no one else had this issue and I ran into a bug, or the fucking basement dwellers that write these walkthroughs need to be slightly more descriptive.

Either way the Heavy Rain demo was fun.

RockBolt - 2010-03-19

You didn't miss anything, the ideal bug would be something that destroys your copy of the game after the amusement park level, but really anything that keeps you out of the last half is divine intervention

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