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Desc:Celine responds to Hurricane Katrina
Category:News & Politics
Tags:New Orleans, Larry King, Celine Dion, Hurricane Katrina
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Comment count is 10
I thought she was Canadian? However, that accent isn't native to this planet.
hehe you're dumb

wtf japan
Let's just let that one simmer for a while.

Shanghai Tippytap
We have a few million french people who we're too polite to make learn english. Celine just sounds like a Quebec hockey mom.
I would have watched this when it aired...if I had electricity that day. I don't think it came back on until the 8th.
Did she say, "they're like Cheez Whiz" at 4:09?
I got as far as "I barely can sing", agreed and stopped watching. Nice to see such honesty from a performer.
Fantastic. Its time celebrities stand up and start taking themselves more seriously. She's right. How come more aren't showing up to cry on television? C'mon America.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think this shows a lot of compassion on her part. All I could think while seeing this is "at least she really gives a damn", which is more than I can say for a lot of celebrities that do charities for attention or because their agents tell them to.
2:23 - "heli-copsters".
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