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Desc:Mr. Bush, Why are you the coolest President ever?
Category:News & Politics, Business
Tags:bush, fox news, obama, Bret Baier
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Fair and balanced!
STFU, you little turd, and let the adults talk.
K. Brass
Typical big city elitist liberal academic not wanting to be interrupted. Did he think his slick socialist talking points would go unchallenged? You won't see the drive-bys and the so called "mainstream" media taking on their beloved rock star like this. Bush saved this country from terror. There was no underwear bomber on his watch. Can you say as much, Mr. Obama?

*draws a bunch of shit on a blackboard*
*outlines cultural treatise in defense of manifest destiny, the exigences of middle america, fairtax, hickory smoked horse buttholes*


Final question, President Bush: Do you want me to cup your balls or not as I blow you?
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