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Desc:Clever girl.
Category:Horror, Pets & Animals
Tags:cockroach, nightmare fuel, ear, earmites, otoscope
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dr tits
the best part is that this guy with the cockroach in his ear is a software engineer.... so, clearly we can discern that he's one of those 30-somethings living in his parent's basement. only, it's obviously more like a dirt-cellar with mildew and salamanders, and, let's not forget, cockroaches.

this was not nearly as gross as i was expecting it to be.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Don't worry. If it goes in any farther, it'll just get stuck in the ear wax and die.
Big Muddy
That opaque region is the tympanic membrane, and it's delicate as rice paper. It's probably already ruptured from the looks of it.

Big Muddy
~sigh~ My very good friend had her eardrum punctured by a roach when she was 3, raised among the poorest of the poor in a hellhole called Pikeville. It was not treated properly and it continues to deteriorate. I'd always assumed this was a old wives tale until I met her, I have since learned this is a major occurrence in many other places especially Africa.

Pikeville, KY? The place where they think West Virginians "have it easy"?

Gotcha! Oh shit, where'd it go? Oh, it's right there on the outside of the ear. I'll continue to use this gay-ass grabby thing instead of just flicking it off with my finger. C'mere! C'mere! C'mere! C'mere! Ah, screw it.

Wait wait... GOTCHA! ..oh shit, sorry about that bleeding would on the outside of your ear

Frank Rizzo
"nightmare fuel" tag needed.

not watching btw...
La Loco
I can has fap fuel?

I'd compromise with 'nightmare fap' but I don't want that tag getting linked.

Lauritz Melchior
I'd want to see it linked.

The worst part is seeing the feces/eggs clinging to his raw irritated inner ear.

The best part is the game of cat and mouse between the pincers and the roach.

La Loco
La Loco, can I has comments are only appropriate if they are a response to the first comment on a cat video. They belong nowhere else on this site. Come on man, you're making me look bad!

La Loco
wait, replying to things other than the first post makes me look bad?

La Loco
No, replying with a can I has comment to a post not about cats goes against my m.o.

La Loco
you mean our M.O.

Don't they have some micro hoover to suck that shit out?
Johnny Madhouse
The little dark spots further in suggest that the cockroach has been pooping in there.
Jet Bin Fever
I sincerely hope they removed the ootheca too, though it looks to be a nymph so I hope it wasn't parous yet. My god is that scary though. I study the damn things, and I have nightmares about this happening to me, because I know how well they can live ANYWHERE.
You're using words I don't know in a scary context, please don't!

Fuck, you got me.

So it is possible. Shit.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Worthy of 5 but it's a far cry from the screwfly larva in a boys head video.
Despite the theme of this site, I give most of my five stars out just because videos aren't more terrible than that.

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